Monday, 16 January 2017

Only Three New Singles (So Far)

What do the these old sayings mean ? Dont count your chickens and  Always expect the unexpected!

With Royal Mail these days we have become accustomed to surprises but this one concerning the Windsor Castle Prestige Booklet came right out of the blue.

It appears that the booklet was printed long before 2017 and the Machin pane has the security codes MPIL / M16L.

You can view these individual Machin images by clicking on the link below

As reported by Ian Billings on his excellent blog the 10p and £1.05 values were previously issued in the 2016 Beatrix Potter prestige book, so only the 1st class NVI (darker red) and 2p value will be new.

Discounting the £5.00 large definative stamp if we add these to the mixed Windsor retail booklet 1st class  NVI (darker red) and we have the count of three new normal Machin stamps in 2017 (so far) as stated in the title.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 And The New £5.00 Machin

Now that 2016 is over Machin collectors can move on and look forward to 2017. What can we expect?

Thanks to an image posted by Bradbury's BFDC I can now show you the New £5.00 Machin that has been kept under wraps for what seems to be an eternity. Just an observation these look very similar to the large high values Machins issued in 1977.

This new Sapphire Blue High value will be available on 06/2/17 and will have a iridescent overprint with the inscription "65th Anniversary Of The Accession"

On the 15th February there is a Prestige booklet due for the Windsor Castle issue, I have it on good authority that a Mixed Machin pane is on the cards along with the mixed 1st class retail booklet already mentioned last year.

Ian Billings has now reveled the contents of the Windsor Castle Prestige Machin pane on his blog. Eight definitives consisting of 2 x 2p , 2 x 10p , 3 x 1st class and 1 x £1.05. Thanks Ian.

On the 5th June which is the 50th anniversary of the Machin expect a bonanza with multiple issues including a Prestige Booklet / retail booklet and Machin post & go issues.

Happy New Year.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Merry Christmas

A special thank you to all our readers and contributors over the last twelve months. We hope that you will continue to visit us in the new year.

Hopefully we can continue to bring you reports and the Machin News as it comes.

As usual we will be shutting down the blog for a few days but before we do here is a Seasonal message to you all from us.

Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful Christmas. We hope you find them all over the festive season.

Have a Merry Christmas 

and a Happy New Year