Friday, 9 December 2016

B.Robinson & Diamond Jubilee Machins

Sometimes I forget that we have novice Machin collectors reading this blog so this is a personal reply to B. Robinson who wrote to me recently. Mr Robinson informed me that he had" found three different Diamond Jubilee Machins in his kilo ware one with a code B, another with no code and a third which is a 1st class large with code F".

He informs me that he knows of other red 1 st & blue 2nd class Machins with different codes and wonders if there are others to be obtained in this Jubilee set ?

I had to refer to some notes for the list as these days my memory is not what is was.

Here for reference is a list of Diamond Machins that can be obtained to complete the issue. Mint should not pose a problem but some may be a bit difficult if you are looking for fine used.

1st Class 

DIAMOND (no code) from counter sheets De La Rue
DIAMBND (code B)from business sheets De La rue
DIAMTND (code T)from booklets of 12 Walsall
DIAMSND (code S)from booklets of 6 Walsall
DIAMPND (code P)from pretsige booklet Walsall
DIAMCND (code C)from mixed retail booklets Walsall
DIAMMND (code M) from miniature sheets Walsall

1st Class Large

JUBILEE (no code) from counter sheets De La Rue
JUBILBE (code B) from business sheets Walsall
JUBILFE (code F) from booklets of 4 Walsall

Total 10

I seem to remember that there was another but I am not positive about this one.

DIAMBND (code B) business sheets of 100. If you know of these stamps can you confirm it for me in the comments dept?  Thanks in advance. (this has now been confirmed as a printing from Walsall it does have a DIAMBND code)

2016 is not over yet another printing of the £2.25 value has expectantly turned up.

Ian Billings has reported this new addition to the list of 2016 Machins. It is from counter sheets (no source code) printed on 21/11/16. This now brings us a total of 40 Machins issued with a 2016 code .Thanks Ian. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

2017 Machins Whats In Store For Us?

The year 2017 is coming up fast, it is not so far off now.  Everyone is wondering what Machins will be included in the stamp program. Royal Mail are being very secretive. In fact so mush so that the 2017 Stamp Calendar will not be published until the end of this month (December).

 The Royal Mail website only informs us that a special issue set of 8 stamps (Ancient Britain) is due for release on 21/01/2017 so no Machins there.

Still under embargo 06/02/17 is the great secret of The 65th anniversary of the accession to the throne, I can not see a Machin included in this issue, but there again I could be wrong so I am not taking wagers on it.

Not a secret

Now this is where my usual pinch of salt comes in, On 15/02/17 there are plans a foot to issue a miniature sheet and a set of stamps depicting Windsor Castle. It is my guess that a Prestige Booklet will be introduced, but will it contain a Machin pane? No one is talking about the contents. This is another big secret, so I am not taking bets on this one either!

What I am taking bets on (odds 1 to 5 on) is we will see a mixed retail booklet for the above Windsor Castle issue 2 x 1st special issues and 4 x 1st class Machins code M17L / MCIL.

Another Secret!

Every year the month of April is usually the month when we see tariff changes. Knowing Royal Mail (not one to miss an opportunity) we should have a tariff increase from them again. Expect something on the Machin front from counter sheets.

It is also possible that some of the business sheets and booklets may need a reprint by this time, so keep your eyes peeled for them too.

Looking for leaks and news is like asking the Masons do you really wear a pinny and do you have a special handshake? They just give you a blank look or say we have shares in Royal Mail, its a secret!

New Web Site for GB Pre-decimal Stamp Rolls (Coils)

A couple of years ago, my friend and neighbor Paul published a web site covering pre-decimal booklets, including the Sterling Machins.

He has now added a site for pre-decimal stamp rolls (generally called coil stamps here in the US). The complete range of coils from the Downey Heads to the Sterling Machins is included. You can go right to the Machin page here.

He is looking for one image to complete the site: the AE coil leader for the 5d Machin. If you have an image he could use, contact Paul directly using the contact link on his site.