Thursday, 13 October 2016

Royal Mail Dark Red ??

A few weeks ago it was noted that there were changes ahead on 20th Oct 2016 for some booklets and business sheets printed by Walsall. New stamps to look out for are:

6 x 1st custom booklet (MCIL - M16L):  
12 x 1st NVI (MTIL- M16L):
 4 x 1st Large MFIL-M16L)

Business Sheets. 100 x 1st NVI (MBIL-  M16L) :
50 x 1st large NVI (MBIL-M16L)



It is now known that the new 1st class booklets and sheets (including the Mr Men booklet) will be printed in a darker red colour.  Not just the covers but also the stamps will be a darker shade.



Tuesday, 11 October 2016

New Horizon Labels

Are you one of these people that collect Machin Horizon Postal Labels? If the answer is yes we have some news for you.

On the 20th September due to an upgrade of machinery several post offices started to provide new Post & Go Machin labels.These differ to the previous labels in the fact that the newer labels now carry a hidden date code (MA16).

As above the code can be found  just behind the base of the Queens diadem. It has been reported that eventually all post offices with this facility will revert to the upgraded equipment.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

I am sorry that I have not posted on the blog for a while.

It has been a quiet time of late for collectors of Machin definititive stamps, perhaps RM thought we needed a short rest. Well I can now inform you that on the 20th October 2016 the respite from new Machin issues will come to a abrupt end.

We mentioned earlier this year that changes to booklet covers and business sheets were due, we were informed that this is a result of changes to Royal Mails corporate livery. At this time we are not quite sure what the actual change will be. Some say it is just a change to the type face.

Never the less a change is a change and collectors of these products who prefer completeness will be interested in what will be issued on the date and will be available for them to collect.

All these listed below will be printed by Walsall Security printers.


6 x 1st NVI
12 x 2nd NVI
12 x 1st NVI
4 x 2nd Large
4 x 1st Large

Business Sheets

100 x 2nd NVI
100 x 1st NVI
50 x 2nd NVI
50 x 1st NVI

Also on the 20th October 2016 a new custom booklet of 2 x special issues and 4 x 1st class Machins is due for release. This will depict the genius of illustrator Roger Hargreaves who is remembered for the creation of Mr Men and Little Miss. The Machins I am informed will revert back to the Royal Mail red colour and will be coded C for custom with the year 16 incorporated in the date code.

Thanks go to BFDC for the image