Thursday, 9 November 2017

Underprints Vs Overprints

I often get into arguments (or should I call them heated discussions) with other collectors, take this debate for an instance.

Many catalogues and dealers refer the discount backing printing on certain stamps as under prints but actually they are overprinted on the layer of gum. I feel to save confusion and separate these issues from overprints we should call them gum overprints. But this would entail all current catalogues and dealers lists to be re-printed.

Due to the amount of work involved I can not for the life of me see that this would happen. But just for the record I will still persist to call them gum overprints.

One person wrote to me suggesting these were very rare. I reminded him "If you collect used stamps these overprints get washed away with the gum during soaking, so yes they may be rare to collectors of used stamps." for clarity as mint stamps they are affordable and widely available.

Now to my second argument. I will take the 17p value gum overprinted double lined star with a wallpaper pattern to get the point across. These stamps (this stamp) can be sourced from booklets Pillar Box and the Pond life series 1 and  2.

If we look at the image above it clearly shows two different versions of the same stamp (there are others), admittedly they are only different from the gum side but they ARE quite different so should they not be catalogued as different stamps?

left over paper stocks of the single star type were also used for the printing of the 12p values in sheet form, these appeared as a multiple star laid out on the whole sheet. Several versions of the overprint occur on the stamps akin to a multiple watermark. Again these are quite different when one compares them. Different stamps?

Lets get the party (argument) started and have your views.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Star Wars Custom Booklets

There is not much happening on the Machin scene at the moment, some say it has been a quiet year regarding  new issues.

Ealier Last Month I mentioned two Star Wars custom booklets that were due to be released on 12th October. I now have the images and stamp details for these issues.

The Machin 1st class stamps are of the deeper shade of red (which seems  to be the norm now). The codes are the same as  previous 2017 custom booklets MCIL / M17L so these will not be classed as new  stamps. However the the wavy line backing substrate does have the reversed / upright /inverted text format. I believe this is the the only custom booklet to date to use this.
I dare say all future custom booklets will follow suit.

Me personally I do not think it alters the stamp in any way as it is not part of the stamp design but collectors of booklets like any small deviation from the norm and will no doubt be searching for normal upright booklets among the packs.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

GB Machins Website Closes Down

It is with regret that I am cosing down my web site GB Machins. Over the past months I have had many headaches trying to rectify problems with the site and no end of trouble with the server.

Above is one of the banners designed for the old web site

So much  time has been dedicated to this site in the past, but unfortunately I no longer have this time to keep up with the changes needed to update the pages. Add the server problems to the equation and I do feel it is time to let the site die. If you have a link to the website please delete it when you have time.

It is not the end of the world though, so do not to worry.

We still have this Machin Mania blog which has been on line now for over 10 years. It has tons of Machin related information in the archives and will continue to run with all the news of future issues for a long time to come.

I must admit it is much easier to control and add new content via a blog. I also have the help of Larry Rosenblum who writes some great stuff.

Once again for those regular visitors to the old site, I say sorry. Please do continue to visit here, read up on our latest musings and leave your comments as usual.

Many Thanks Roy.....