Thursday, 4 January 2018

Game Of Thrones Prestige Booklet

2018 has arrived and it has been announced that the first money making (idea) issue from Royal Mail will be released on the 23rd January.  Like it or not the Game of Thrones issue is about to hit collectors and fans of the series pockets with a  real bang.

The only part of this issue Machin related is what I describe as a part mixed Machin pane. The eight stamps that make up the pane and label will consist of 2 x 2nd class Northern Ireland regional definitives, 2 x 1st class Iron throne stamps, 2 x 5p Machins, 1 x 20p Machin and 1 x £1.17p Machin.

The price of the booklet is £13.95. These may or may not (depending on the print date) have a 2018 code. We will have to wait and see.

A 2000 limited edition leather folder version of the booklet will also be offered to those with more money than sense for £75.00.

Make of it what you will, I will not be buying it or any of the Throne products. That is all they are to me "products" not collectibles. My opinion this is is just another money making blunder by Royal Mail who are now driving even more genuine philatelists away by the truck load.

I await the next Machin issue (February?) with anticipation.

Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 has now arrived so on behalf of all Machin collectors worldwide 

A Happy And Peace Full New Year To All .

The latter half of 2017 has been an eventful one for myself and family, some of you may be wandering why the posts on this blog have dried up to a certain extent. I can now inform you that my wife and I have returned north (back to Machin country and our roots). Due to my wife's ill health we have returned back to the UK nearer to our extended family. Stress is not the word for it but I will leave out the details. I will just say it has been a nightmare but we are here now safe and sound.

On the 2nd day of our arrival the snow came down thick and fast and after 48 hours we had 8 inches of it on the roads which was not ideal for us. We had not seen snow for 10 years. This cleared and a few days later we had another 4 inches drop from the sky.  Not ideal when you are setting up a new home.

Sill a lot to do to get settled in but slowly we are getting there. My stamps, stock books and catalogues are still packed away and will be for some time to come. Nice and snug in containers waiting for the study to be completed

Back to Machins, 2018 should bring a new hat full custom booklets, prestige booklets, and new sheet stamps will also be in the pipeline add to this the overpriced labels so there should be another bumper harvest.

Once again Happy New Year, goodwill to all.

Enjoy your new issue 2018 Machin definitive stamps. 

Friday, 29 December 2017

Welcome to a New Machin Blog

I've always said that the more about Machins on the web, the better. Therefore I'm pleased to welcome the Arnold Machin Stamps! blog to the family.

The blog is written by Matt who lives in Australia. He's an experienced philatelist and blogger, already having several other blogs about his varied philatelic interests.

With regards to Machins, he is particularly interested in those that have only the numeral 1 on them: 1d, 1p, £1, and 1st. There are more and more first-class Machins, and the other denominations have long histories but only occasional new versions. I'll be interested to see what he writes about.

Welcome, Matt!

Best wishes to all our readers for the new year, and my thanks as always to Roy for allowing me the privilege of posting on this blog.